Time to file for Homestead Exemption!

This is one of the big benefits to owning your primary residence in Florida.

If you closed on your home this year,
deadline to apply is March 1st!

So don’t delay!

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To file online, click the button below that matches your county.

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Angie helped my husband and I buy our first home! She was there through the whole process and is even still there almost two years later. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! I will always go to her for my realtor needs and I will always recommend her!


Angie was amazing and extremely comfortable to work with. She was very responsive to my needs and willing to work with me via email and text as we were trying to buy our new home from several hours away.

I highly recommend Angie. I can happily state that she will be the person I use for any and all of my future real estate transactions in this area.

Thanks Angie!!


Angie Blackman has been my go-to Realtor for over 15 years….she is actually the only Realtor I ever work with at all!
Her Realtor knowledge is tremendous but that is the tip of the iceberg….she understands the intricate world of real estate investing, construction, rehab, staging, vetting of lenders title issues etc.

For the same price as a real estate agent you can have this seasoned professional and a really great human being on your team. There is no comparison….hire Angie today.

Angie is creative and hard working- she has been successful as a realtor and real estate investor which makes her so much more valuable for her clients than traditionally trained Realtors. She actually understands what makes properties valuable and why someone would want to or refrain from purchasing particular properties. I recommend Angie without reservation.

I buy and sell about 25 homes per year around Florida and I use one realtor in the entire state…Angie Blackman. She knows more about the entire aspect of Real Estate than any other Realtor I know.


Angie is an amazing realtor with a plethora of knowledge of the Tampa Bay area! She helped me and my wife purchase our first home with little to no stress going through the VA process. I can’t thank her enough for providing the expertise on knowing how to negotiate a good price. Highly recommended! She also caters to veterans like myself and has programs to help with the closing costs!

Angie is my go to realtor for Florida. She has helped me purchase my first home and have help many veteran friends of my do the same. She is knowledgeable and a fabulous person at heart!


Angie is a realty angel. She was my realtor for both the purchase of my first home and the sale of that same home three years later. I’m a handful, and Angie was both conscious of that as well as set me straight when I needed it. I couldn’t have handled either process of buying/selling without her. Highly recommended!