🔥 Part 2: 🏡 Buyer’s Formula for Success – Think Like A Seller and Win! 😎🎉

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In Part 1 we covered how to get prepared for today’s home buying experience.  

Part 2 of 3: 


Think Like a Seller and Win!


Now that you are pre-APPROVED with a great lender and have learned about the market you will be buying in, it’s time to begin the search to find your dream home! 


But what if I must compete against other Buyers?  


Here are 6 great strategies when facing Multiple Offers to Win Your 

Dream Home!


The Buyer Consultation

The Buyer Consultation with your Realtor is the time to discuss the details of what an ideal home is for YOU:  Price, Location, Size, Features, & Benefits among other important details will help us all get clear on your vision, so we can be ready to move forward when the time arrives. Many times you will need to act quickly if you are to win, and sorting out the details now matters.



Get Clear

When you know what you want it’s easier to find. We are here to help narrow the choices until the perfect home rises to the top. Be open, listen, and trust your counsel, many times it will make the difference between success and failure. Then with a little work, your dream home will arrive! 


The catch is, your not the only potential Buyer who thinks it’s great… Now it’s time to create your winning offer!



Think Like a Seller

What do Sellers want ? Well, what would you want if you were the Seller? Typically, Seller’s want low risk, lots of flexibility, and a high price. Think on this perspective every time you are faced with a choice and it will lead you to your victory!



Consider All Options to Become the “Highest & Best”

What adjustments am I willing to make to help improve my offer?  For Sellers, price is always a factor but often NOT the biggest factor when choosing the winning Buyer offer. Terms, contingencies, and emotional connection are all major factors too, and have won over a higher price many times in my career.



Be As Flexible As Possible

There is a wide range of options available depending on your goals, motivation, and tolerances. Examples are anything from a flexible closing date, increasing your Escrow Deposit, shortening your Inspection Period or removing other contract contingencies. These options are YOUR choice and you will always make the final decision on moving forward.



Expect a win-win

When Buyers think like Sellers and understand what they want, it will create the formula for success. Remember, it is a challenging time to be a Seller too. Sometimes the simple things like taking the time to write a sincere letter to the Seller can make all the difference.


And I’ll say it again...

HOW your offer is presented is just as important as WHAT you offer. 


Think about the details, listen to experienced counsel, and be flexible. Your dream home awaits, now go out and get it!


Stay tuned for next week’s episode Part 3 of 3: 

"Yay We’re Under Contract! But Wait There’s More!"


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