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If you or someone you know is falling behind in their mortgage payments, we can help.  

Your equity is on the line and speed matters!



According to Freddie Mac almost 80% of homeowners in forbearance have 20% or more EQUITY.


(Home Value - Mortgage = $ EQUITY $)


Only 1 in 10 Borrowers is currently equity poor. This indicates that few Borrowers will be forced to endure the long stressful process & damaging credit effects of Foreclosure, or Short Sale.


Homeowners who choose to act fast, will have more options to save their home, save their credit, or sell and close with positive cash in their pocket...EQUITY. 


This puts their finances and family in a very strong position to:

1) Take the time needed to reorganize, and

2) Live to fight another day.


What You Must Know

Most 2020 Homeowners can sell and keep their equity, even if they are behind on their mortgage. But time is not on your side. Acting quickly is key and your choices RIGHT NOW will either save your hard earned investment, or allow the Lender’s penalties, late, fees, and attorney charges to quickly gobble it up.


2020 Lenders are also more receptive to provide Forbearance and Loan Modifications. If your income is back and you’re able to save your home- DO IT NOW. If you need information or help getting started please call us. We are happy to help provide our experience and any resources at our disposal.





In 1996 my husband and I became first-time homebuyers. I still remember the feelings of excitement and accomplishment as we walked through the door of our first home! We spent the next 14 years raising our 2 children and making a life here in our little piece of the American Dream.


In 2007, my husband’s very secure position in management of a construction supply company came to an abrupt end. He was laid off due to what we all know now as The Great Recession. I was a newly licensed real estate agent with no experience, but with no construction jobs in site, we set about to find a way to reinvent ourselves and survive.


Even though we quickly became ‚Äúsuccessful‚ÄĚ as real estate agents, the declining market and reduced income did not support our outflow. Eventually, there came a time when we had to come to terms with the facts and make tough choices. Survival was NOT going to include our home‚Ķ.

I am sharing this because families facing foreclosure hold a special place in my heart. I understand how devastating, embarrassing, and frustrating it feels. I know what it's like to believe the impossible could happen, that ‚Äúthere will be a way for us to save our home, it just hasn‚Äôt materialized yet.‚ÄĚ The fear of what the future holds was paralyzing, so not thinking about it became easier. 


2008 IS NOT 2020, and there are now many good options available for homeowners experiencing hardship.


The Future is in Your Hands

The housing market is very strong and will likely be a major factor to help lead our economy out of recessionary issues as we recover.

Once back on stable ground many families will be in an immediate position to purchase again. For those who acted fast in the beginning, there will be no need to wait years for credit damage to repair and season like so many experienced in 2007-2012.


I'm here as a resource for you for all things Real Estate. 

Contact me anytime you have questions.

Who do you know that we can help?


Working with experienced Realtors is what you deserve.


We are here to help you avoid costly errors, time delays, and other hardships.


We take your health & safety seriously

and follow CDC guidelines. We will listen and create a customized plan of action specific to you needs.

Put our experience to work for you and join the families that know what professional service and consultation are like.


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Stay tuned for more next week, my friend!

Lots of love,

Angie Blackman

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