🔥 Part 3: 🏡 Buyer’s Formula for Success – Yay! We’re under contract! But wait there’s more!! 😎🎉

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Part 3 of 3: 

What to Expect from Contract through Closing

All the hard work and preparation 

has paid off and you are now  

Under Contract!

So far in the home buying process you have:


✔️ Learned about the market and home buying process in advance

✔️ Received your lender pre-approval letter

✔️ Became clear on what you want in your next home

✔️ Searched and found the right home

✔️ Understand the Seller’s motivation, and willing to be flexible.

✔️ Negotiated your best offer

✔️ Competed against other Buyers… 



It’s all smooth sailing from here, right?

Not so fast , now that we have your home under contract it’s time to do the work to KEEP it that way. 


We now have an executed contract with specific deadlines and tasks between now and closing that must be completed by you as the Buyer. 


There are still many normal obstacles and difficulties to work through and overcome during this time.


Our Realtor team will be a part of the whole process to help coordinate and act as the “ Glue ” for all the moving parts as we move forward together. 


Now it's time for the rest of your team to join us 

and assist in their specific area of expertise.


Here are the key people you will be working with as we move forward

Mortgage Lender

If financing, your loan officer will send you the loan application, and begin collecting documents and details for the underwriter. 

Be sure to respond quickly to all requests.

DO NOT use or add 

ANY new credit inquiries or debt. 


Home Inspector

An inspection is a top-to-bottom detailed look at the entire home. 

You have a specific time period to perform home inspections.

 Schedule the inspections with a well-qualified licensed home inspector. If your inspector uncovers a repair or other unexpected issue, we will discuss options, and you will choose how to address the situation depending on your goals and comfort level.


Closing Tile Company & Escrow Deposit

Your Good Faith ” or Escrow Deposit will be paid to and held by the title company. This money will be credited back to you at closing. Its purpose is to show the Seller that you intend to follow the signed contract.  

Contract deadlines and contingencies are tied to your Escrow Deposit. 


In order to protect your money, 

you must follow the agreed terms in the contract.


Other activities to be completed before closing are:

Shopping for home insurance, reviewing HOA documents and rules, considering a home warranty company, scheduling movers, a locksmith, and other service providers.  


But don’t worry ,

we are still here to help you 

every step of the way.

Seems like a simple process, right?

Experience has shown us that more often than not it’s the little things, the smallest details, that can potentially create additional costs, cause stressful and unnecessary delays, or even derail your contract altogether. 


An experienced and high customer service-based lender, Realtor, home inspector, insurance agent, title company, and others will all be part of your exceptional team. 


Our combined teamwork and experience is your

recipe for success. We will help you cross the finish line,

from under contract to the closing table, 

where they hand you the keys to your dream home!


The average agent today sells 1-5 homes per year. Our team has averaged 25-35 homes per year for the past 14 years. We know what it takes to successfully assist Buyers through the process, and we will be here to help every step of the way.


First name / Friend ,

I'm here as a resource for you for all things Real Estate. 

Contact me anytime you have questions.

Who do you know that we can help?


Working with experienced Realtors is what you deserve.


We are here to help you avoid costly errors, time delays, and other hardships.


We take your health & safety seriously

and follow CDC guidelines. We will listen and create a customized plan of action specific to you needs.

Put our experience to work for you and join the families that know what professional service and consultation are like.


Reply to this email and let us know, or......


Stay tuned for more, my friend!

Lots of love,

Angie Blackman

(813) 812-4309 | angieblackman@kw.com



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